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Land for sale in Russia

Land for sale in Russia

Welcome to the Russian Land Broker Company website! Our team of experts solves any tasks of foreign investors who want to buy land in Russia.

We will find you a land of any size, suitable for any type of business and provide full legal support of land purchasing in Russia.

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Buy agricultural land in Russia

Foreigners have already purchased about 5 million hectares of agricultural land in Russia, and there are many reasons for this:

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    the price of 1 hectare of Russian land is way cheaper than in other countries;

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    government provides significant grants for farmers, and you can count on them too;

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    farmland in Russia is more fertile than in Africa or China;

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    there are no frequent droughts in Russia and no lack of access to water;

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    population of Russia is more educated than people living in Africa, there are no problems with hiring local experts;

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    Russia has no problems with logistics; infrastructure and transportation system are well developed, there are many roads and seaports in the country.

Considering the demand for land among farmers and agricultural holding companies, the price of land in Russia will increase by approximately 15-20%. That’s why it’s better to buy land in Russia today making it a great investment in the future.

Buy cheap Russian land in Siberia

Agricultural land in Siberia

There are plenty of land in Russia, but customers face several complications, with first being: a proper choice of Russian region for purchasing land and starting a business.

We live in the biggest country in the world, and in every region soil composition is different. In addition to this, climat conditions vary too. It’s also important to consider a level of road infrastructure and to study the local consumer market.

For example, there is plenty of good land in Siberia for agribusiness, but infrastructure is poor when compared to western part of Russia. The most expensive farmland can be found in Krasnodar Krai and Rostov Oblast (south-west of the country); here the farmers harvest the biggest amount of wheat for export. Also, buying land if you’re a foreigner is prohibited by law in several regions of the country.

The second problem that customer can face is a correct legal registration and transaction support. You should know that there are several restrictions and conditions for foreigners who want to buy a property in Russia.

How can foreigners buy land in Russia?

The Russian Land Broker Company exists for working with English-speaking foreigners. Our team consists of experts with huge experience in different spheres: agronomists, lawyers, real estate agents.

Choose farmland
We know how to choose a good farmland suitable for any kind of agribusiness, because we know soil composition in each region of the country.
Register companies
We know how to register companies of foreign farmers in Russia and we can get any necessary certificate for you.
Taxation system
We know how to choose a good taxation system for an agribusiness.
Organizational matters
We will solve your problems with hiring personnel. We will help with exporting and selling your products.
Easy negotiations
Another thing we want to emphasize: we speak English! It's a rare thing in Russia.
Printed manual
Everyone who's contacting us is getting a book as a gift: a short guide for choosing land in Russia for foreign investors. The book is written by experts in English.

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