Modern dairy farm for 1200-3600 heads with new equipment


Dairy farm with a capacity of 1200 heads of cattle and land of 8200 hectares.

The farm is located in the zone of single-industry towns, where enterprises are tax exempt.

The farm is located between the two largest cities in Russia: St. Petersburg and Moscow. To the nearest seaport 120 kilometers (for export to Europe).

The project is designed to produce a gross milk volume of up to 13,000 tons per year.

The farm consists of three cowsheds 400 heads each, a maternity ward and a milking unit. There are also three hay barns, two granaries, four silo trenches with an individual capacity of 3000 tons, manure storage, paved road 5 km long.

The farm was designed and built competently, which will allow the future owner to save time and significant funds on the production of milk and meat.

The farm is designed and manufactured in Netherlands; all components are also brought from the Netherlands.

The lands are compact, the fields are flat, the contour of the fields is large and there are no stones. Fields are cultivated and sown with annual and perennial cultivated herbs.

The total land area of more than 8,200 hectares allows you to place 3-4 farms. This will create an opportunity to significantly reduce the costs of coordination, construction, installation, purchase of equipment, commissioning. At the same time, it allows to increase the receipt of state support in the form of subsidies, soft loans, tax holidays, connection to communications, road construction, reimbursement of costs for the purchase of livestock, machinery and special equipment.

Technological advantages of the farm:

  • High degree of automation;
  • Lifting roof ridge and lift-up window;
  • Heated water for feeding cows by removing heat from milk;
  • Insulated foundation;
  • Two independent power supplies;
  • Bolted connections: trusses, columns, panels;
  • JOS manure removal;
  • Delta scrapers with pumping, pumps into a closed lagoon;
  • Slotted floors in the gallery;
  • Rubber envelopes for the lagoon;
  • GEA milking parlor (2 * 24) with responders and a management program;
  • Milk storage tanks;
  • In-stream milk cooling system – recuperator.

The technology implemented in this project is the year-round maintenance of cows in a loose housing with a walk-out directly next to the barn. The livestock will be kept in cowsheds in sections equipped with rest boxes, on mattresses using bedding made from chopped straw or sawdust.

Room ventilation natural with an exhaust through the light-aeration ridge in the roof and inflow through the side walls without heating the supplied air. In the milking unit the temperature should not be lower than 15 ° C; therefore, the farm provides for forced ventilation with heating and floor heating in the milking pit.

Feeding and watering Feeding of cows and young animals is provided with full-feed mixtures grown and produced independently. Watering of cows is provided from group drinking bowls with individual heating.

Cow milking will be carried out in the milking parlor at the GEA automated milking machine (Parallel 2×24), which allows to reduce the number of attendants to 4 people.

Milk cleaning and cooling is provided in-stream during milking. The presence of a flow cooler allows for the premium milk production and at the same time reduces the load on the milk tanks compressors. Storage of milk before sale is carried out in cooling tanks at a temperature not exceeding 4 °C.

State and local government bodies strive for the economic growth of the municipal district, which is expressed in the presence of federal and regional programs to support entrepreneurship.

There are a number of programs according to which it is possible:

  • reimbursement of 30% of all costs in the construction of a farm, hay sheds, silo trenches and other buildings (180 million rubles);
  • refund up to 50% of the purchase of equipment;
  • compensation for the purchase of heifers in the amount of 0.9-1.4 euros per kg;
  • exemption from most taxes for the payback period of the project;
  • construction of housing for dairy farm workers under preferential conditions.

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