Hunting estate in Siberia

Tyumen Oblast, Russia, 626063



Hunting grounds for sale, which are a ready-made business. A recreation, hunting, and fishing base, located 140 km from Tyumen in the Yarkovsky district.
The business includes:
1) A land plot with an area of ​​12 acres, with residential buildings located on it, 6 houses of 100 square meters each, with all communications, also a garage, a bathhouse. Roundwood buildings. Water supply – 4 wells, electricity – through generators, wood-fired heating.
2) Land plot of 23,630 acres is a hunting area.
3) Other assets: 4 boats with Yamaho and Suzuki motors, a stels 700 ATV, separately for a surcharge or by installments, the Terranica all-terrain vehicle from Dreamtrack.
The business is currently assigned, but in 2019 it brought in about $ 90,000 in net profit per year – only through fish farming and its subsequent sale. Because The land plot also includes the Big Cormorant Lake, with an area of ​​193 acres, in which crucian carp, pike, perch, and chebak are found.
The potential of this business is great, if you develop all areas, it will pay off in six months or less.
You buy a lease until 2066, which can then be extended.
The rental price is $ 250 per year.