Land in the Vladimir region

Владимирская область, Russia


We offer you to buy land in the Vladimir region.
The price of 1 acre of land is from 55 to 65 dollars (the price of 1 hectare is approximately $ 135 to $ 150).
We can find you a land plot of any size specifically for the purpose of your business. Make a request!
Description of the land and climate in the Vladimir region:
In this region, farmers grow wheat (winter, spring), rye (winter), barley (spring), oats, triticale (spring), buckwheat, corn (feed), peas, sunflower, rape (spring), potatoes, carrots, table beets, zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers, fruits, berries, feed roots, pea-oat mixture.
Farmland in this region occupies 34.2% of the territory. The forest cover of the territory is 51.4%. Hundreds of large and small rivers flow through the territory. There are 300 lakes with a total area of ​​5000 hectares.
The climate is temperate continental. The frost-free period lasts 205 days. Winter lasts over 4 months from mid November to late March. The first snowfall occurs on October 13-15 on average. Stable snow cover 150 days.
Average annual precipitation is 550-600 mm.
Upon request, we can send you a soil analysis.
Our company will also solve all your legal issues with the registration of property.
We will help you open a legal entity in Russia, we will select favorable taxation for your business.
We will find you reliable employees for your business.
We will solve your visa and residence permit problems.
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