Agricultural land 5000 hectares in the Tula region

Tula Oblast, Russia


We have for sale a land plot with a total area of 5000 hectares. The land is located 120 km south of Moscow along the Simferopol Highway (M2), in the territory of the municipal entity Demidovskoye, Zaoksky District, Tula Region.

The nearest populated areas include Pakhomovo village, Dmitrievskoye village, and Mirotinsky village. The lands are strategically positioned along the R115 highway, connecting the Simferopol and Kashirskoye highways. This provides convenient and fast transportation accessibility, with access from both the Simferopol and Kashirskoye highways. The lands also border the Kursk railway (Pakhomovo station).

The landscape resembles the classic scenery of the Russian Central Belt, featuring expansive fields, woodlands, rivers, and harmoniously integrated villages with their churches and historic houses.

The primary watercourse is the Skniga River, complemented by over ten ponds and several small rivers. Forested areas border the lands in the west and east.

Currently, the soil fertility is high, and all plots have been under cultivation for the past six years.

The property complex includes an administrative building (478 sq.m), a potato complex (5884 sq.m), and a livestock complex (6300 sq.m).

Electricity is available across all facilities, and surrounding populated areas are gasified.

Both the lands and buildings are privately owned with no restrictions or encumbrances. All necessary documentation is in order.

It’s crucial to note that the acquisition of this agricultural land is possible only after registering a company in Russia with the assistance of our legal department. Private individuals cannot purchase agricultural land.