Dairy and meat farm with a cheese dairy

деревня Покров, Тверская область, Russia


A ready-made, well-established business is for sale.
Breeding reproducer of sheep of the Romanov breed.
High quality lamb and sheep cheeses.
Composition of real estate:
Land owned by 650 hectares
Land for rent 300 hectares
Sheepfold (2015) 1800 sqm
Sheepfold (2016) 1800 sqm
Residential building with furniture and amenities (2016) 60 sqm.
Residential building for workers (2015) 40 sqm.
Cheese dairy with a living compartment (2015) 60 sqm.
Hay barn (2016) 410 sqm.
Hay barn (2016) 600 sqm
Shed for machinery with a warehouse and a repair box (2015) 200 sq.m.
Crematorium (2016)
The composition of agricultural machinery:
Tractor MTZ 1221 2014, Tractor MTZ 82.1 2015, Tractor MTZ 82.1 2016, Tractor MTZ 82.1 1989, Mower KDP 310-2, Mower KDN 2.1 2 pcs. PRF 145 press, PRF 110 press, PRF 180 press, SIPMA press for haylage, SIPMA wrapper for haylage, 4-furrow reversible plow, 3-case plow 2 pcs. Pneumatic seeder 6m, Rough forage grinder IRK-5, Mineral fertilizer spreader RU-1000, Disk harrow 2m, Disk harrow 3,3m, Rake for the ground, Rake GVR-6 2 pcs. Barrel for water 2 tons, Carts PTS 4.5 4 pcs. Car trailer 4.5m Gazelle business 2 pcs. Vis van
Livestock composition:
Romanov breed 10 pedigree rams, 600 ewes, 200 bright 3-6 months, 200 bright up to 3 months, 200 rams 3-6 months, 100 rams up to 3 months.
Dairy sheep, 3 breeding rams of the East Frisian breed, 230 ewes, 200 bright 4-10 months.
Cheese dairy:
Cheese kettle 150 liters, Salting pool 150 liters, Forming table, Press for 18 molds, Cheese maturation chamber 1.5 m3, Cheese maturation chamber 10 m3, Cheese maturation chamber 13 m3, Milkline milking parlor for 24 heads, Tank- cooler 200 liters, Molds for different types of cheese.
The work of the farm is optimized in terms of personnel.
Well-established process of artificial insemination. Effective diets, veterinary plan.
Unique system of early beating and feeding of young stock.
7 delicious titled hard cheeses according to our own recipe.

Distance from Moscow 190 kilometers (3 hours by car).