1350 hectares of agricultural land for wheat

Беляевский р-н, Оренбургская обл., Russia


We offer to buy a well-groomed land for growing wheat in the Orenburg region (southwestern part of Russia).
What do farmers grow in the Orenburg region?
They grow wheat (spring, winter), rye (winter), barley (winter, spring), oats, buckwheat, millet, sorghum, corn (grain, fodder), chickpeas, peas, sunflower (grain, silage), sugar beets, rape (spring), curly flax, mustard, potatoes, vegetables, pumpkins, watermelons, melons, fruits, berries, grapes, annual and perennial herbs.

We have different sizes of land plots in this region in our database. The price for 1 hectare is $ 200.
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