Land plot 3472 acres

Свердловская область, Russia


We offer you to buy land in the Sverdlovsk region (Russian Siberia).
The price of 1 acre of land is from 60 to 75 dollars.
We can find you a land plot of any size specifically for the purpose of your business. Make a request!
Description of the land in the Sverdlovsk region:
Farmers grow wheat (winter, spring), rye (winter), barley (spring), oats, triticale (winter), buckwheat, corn (fodder), peas, rape (spring for oilseeds), potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets , radish, radish, zucchini, cucumbers (M), onions, tomatoes (M), garlic, pumpkin, green (M), champignons, fruits, berries, fodder roots, perennial and annual herbs.
Forests cover 68.7% of the territory. The climate is sharply continental. Winter is cold and long. The establishment of snow cover occurs on November 3, melting on April 9. Summers are moderately warm, hot in the southeast. The frost-free period lasts 110 days (from May 30 to September 16). Annual precipitation ranges from 655 mm in the west to 449 mm in the east and from 518 mm in the north to 467 mm in the south.
Agricultural land occupies 13.2% of the region’s territory, of which 57.1% is arable land (data of 2019).
Upon request, we can send you a soil analysis.
Our company will also solve all your legal issues with the registration of property.
We will help you open a legal entity in Russia, we will select favorable taxation for your business.
We will find you reliable employees for your business.
We will solve your visa and residence permit problems.
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